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We registered the Noble-T prefix in 1975. In the early years, we had  the luck of living close to EL-D-Bars Morgans (Eldon and Barb Howlett) of Stony Plain, Alberta.
Eldon Howlett

At that time Eldon was bringing in a lot of Morgan from the States, from such breeders as Stuart Hazard, Beckridge’s, Waers, Stanley Walker, Piedmont, and Ramuls Dvarishkis. We had the opportunity to view the product from a lot of farms. The most impressive to us came from Ramul Dvarishkis. Our breeding program is a combination of Ramuls Dvarishkis and Stanley Walker. The Walker horses we liked most go back to King Pine, who was a known cutter with lots of “cow”. Dvarishkis raised horses for ranch and for his hunting/guiding business, so they were very cowy and at the same time were built to cover lots of ground.


In 1975, we purchased Sheritt Ethan Walker, a mare that Eldon had brought up from Stanley Walker. Our herd still carries her genetics and her “cow sense.”
Sheritt Ethan Walker 1975

In general we line breed, following Ramul Dvarishkis’ program. In an effort to add some new genetics, we recently began breeding a couple of mares to Ranchboss Cortez of Wilga Park Morgans of Australia.
Over the years we have seen success in all categories of Western horsemanship such as showing, gymkhana, competitive and endurance riding, calf roping, team roping, reining and cutting. We have been cutting for 25 years, all in open shows.

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